The capital of the Netherlands may not be your first choice when it comes to culinary excellence, but Amsterdam oost has a unique food culture waiting to be discovered. It’s easy to find urban hotels near great restaurants and bars. Stay in an Amsterdam hotel to enjoy the delicious food and culture of this city.

The Restaurants

Amsterdam StreetWhile many hotels have their restaurants, it’s always a good idea for guests to explore the many options on the road. There is sure to be a restaurant that suits you, depending on your budget and how you like the atmosphere. The city is known for its great food. The variety and quality of ingredients are incredible to taste. The city offers a wide range of vegetarian options. There are also outstanding farmer’s markets that sell excellent local and seasonal produce. Two of the best food markets in the city are the Nieuwmarkt and the Boordermarkt. Both are open every Saturday.

The Food Products

BreadAmsterdam is known for its fantastic food and drinks. Koggetjes, a delicious dessert, is named after the trading ships (koggen) that played an essential role in Amsterdam’s early years. Ossenworst sausage is made from ox meat and is a specialty that dates back to the 17th century when the animals were imported from Germany and Denmark. The link is available in all quality butcher shops in the city. It has a spicy taste with mace, cloves, and nutmeg, originally imported from Indonesia (originally from the Dutch East Indies).

Because of this, the city’s food often reflects its Jewish heritage. One such Jewish specialty is the Amsterdam onion, also known as Amsterdamse Uien. You can find these small yellow pickled onions in most good delis and supermarkets. They go well with croquettes and fresh herring but also with bitterballen (the Dutch cucumber). You will be rewarded if you are adventurous with your taste buds.

The Tasting Place

BeerMany great places in the city offer a chance to sample some of the regional delicacies. Guinevere is a liquor that is similar to gin. You can also enjoy some of the more unusual beers. Liquor tasting has a long tradition in the city. Many liquor merchants had their rooms where they invited customers to sample their wares. For a truly authentic experience, visit Wynand Fockink or De Drie Fleschjes. Or try one of the many distilleries open to the public. Hotel accommodations in Amsterdam are conveniently located near many attractions.